Why the new Forum

Details why the new forum has been started and what happened to the Old Forum
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Why the new Forum

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The Old Forum was purchased by a Debt arrangement company, and negotiations started in 2014.

Unfortunately, although the Forum continued for a while, someone had arranged for spam and filth postings on the forum so that a user had to wade through over 3000 posts of these to reach the genuine research and contributions of members.

As a result the forum was closed down in 2019.

A post mortem has been carried out and it seems that at the same time as the filth and spam postings commenced a recently joined member under the name of Lopsum. She? started a shallow and heavily censored forum for members. Long term original members have been banned and many original users simply will not contribute. Also, the "administrator" known as Lopsum set up statistics to find detailed locations of users based on their IPV6 address, and bans users who use VPN's.
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When this was pointed out the statistics were suddenly ceased, and, coincidentally the old forum was terminated when it was discovered that matters were being looked into. It would appear that the user 'Lopsum' was part of the purchase and demise of the original forum.

THE EVIDENCE :She? (Lopsum) appears to have joined in May 2014, curiously around the same time as negotiations for sale of the old forum was taking place.
Lopsum made a post on Wed June 13th 2018 at 10:39pm with the words "The good people went to http://gZodf.forumotion.com" and "the site is dead....see you there"
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AND the filth and spam postings started ......wait for it......14th June 2018.

Analysis of start of spam/filth postings
FORUM SUB FORUM TOPICS POSTS Last Good Post No Spam & Filth start
Latest NewsLatest Eviction Support Needed21868310799614th June 2018
Events and Meetings903288410181814th June 2018
Dealing with Debt Collectors 10648926788002430th May 2018
MORTGAGESFinance and Hire Purchase Agreements355151310731114th June 2018
Student Loans363152610733514th June 2018
COPYRIGHT 392147010708114th June 2018
Bailiffs, Courts and SolicitorsBeat the Bailiffs97476489238914th June 2018
A4V - Accepted for Value and Promissory NotesA4V - Accepted for Value470381810719214th June 2018
Roads, Driving and VehiclesParking Notice, Parking Tickets and Clamping261100010733614th June 2018
Government DepartmentsGovernment Departments304205110709414th June 2018
Child Support AgencyCSA help, support, advice, stories and experiences.61329694874930th May 2018
Utilities 325510734729th May 2018
GeneralJust for Fun248052044435718th May 2018
For those who want to check the above analysis, feel free to do so on archive.org to check the posting numbers and dates, as well as forum site scrapes for those who did these, usually with HTTrack Website Copier.

If this user was not connected with the sale of the original forum, the strength of coincidence of its ultimate demise offline is persuasive.
The new owners of the original site might also be quite annoyed as what they purchased has been trashed and rendered it valueless.

Whatever happened, years of intelligent research and contributions by members have been lost.